For the love of new moms, new dads and new life.

We are ELLE Midwives, and we do everything a little differently. You are pregnant, or you want to become pregnant. You are a woman. You become a mother. You become parents. That says it all for us!

An indescribable period in your life where it is so essential that you receive care that just feels right. That is why we see body, baby, and mind & soul as equal.

We take care of your overall picture. With lots of extras, extra of everything. We love to pamper. We like personal. Welcome to ELLE.

Registration is free. After registration, we will call you within 1 working day to get to know you and to schedule your first (free!) ultrasound.

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ELLE is different.
ELLE is different.
ELLE is different.
ELLE is different.
ELLE is different.
ELLE is different.
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We don't
do standard
basic care.

We believe you can expect more than medical care during pregnancy, especially from your midwife. We want to know who you are and what you need; getting to know each other is a must for us. Therefore we do not provide standard basic care.

We take care of you as it suits you. You get your own small team of midwives. We also have an extensive network of healthcare professionals who are the best in their field.

At ELLE Midwives, you also get a lot extra on us. Free online courses, ultrasounds, fourth-trimester care (more maternity visits), and personal gifts. Because that's how it should be, we don't go for less than your overall picture.

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We go for
your overall

Welcome gift

Early ultrasound scan at 6-8 weeks + gift bag

Your own team of midwives who really know you

Longer appointments, personal attention, and gifts

Everything you need as a modern mom (to be)

About birth, breast/bottle feeding, and maternity

Maximum relaxation

Latest technology

Virtual Reality glasses during birth

We will continue to take care of you after the birth

More care
for every
ELLE mom,
free of charge.

Extra care is our basis. It is more standard obstetric care for every ELLE mom, free of charge. Because extra attention and extra care are essential during pregnancy and postpartum. Not only focus on your baby's growth and physical changes but also everything around it.

That is why we have developed our ELLE Extra Care and ELLE Care Packages.

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"I'm so happy that I ended up with the ladies of Elle Midwives through a friend. Throughout the pregnancy and afterwards, attention has been paid to me, the dad, and the big brother. All my wishes were taken into account, and everything was thought along. All this in a beautiful, 'modern furnished' practice. It has been a very nice experience for us, and I wouldn't change a thing about it."


"What a relief that ELLE Midwives has opened its doors. Everything you need when pregnant and after giving birth under 1 roof. It is so lovely to experience personal attention and that they think along with you about what is good for you. It gives peace and confidence. Exactly what I was looking for."


"10,000 thanks wouldn't be enough to express how I feel. You are the best ever. You made us feel so good as expats. The birth was magical, thanks to you. Your support is magical; you know exactly what new and expectant parents need. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


"The midwives at Elle Midwives combine professional expertise with loving attention to mother, father, and child. It is a very nice location; their communication is accessible and on point. We are super grateful for all the help and advice we received from them. We are especially grateful to Suzanne, who guided us through an extremely challenging delivery. We have met all the midwives, and they are all human treasures. We wish every prospective parent this fantastic practice."


"I don't know how to express gratitude for finding ELLE Midwives. They are all very nice, helpful, and experienced. They pay a lot of attention to you and your baby and offer care that goes the extra mile. I highly recommend them, and if I am allowed to have more babies in the future, I will definitely choose them again and again. Their practice is super clean, new, and beautiful, and they are the coolest in town. Eveline, the assistant, is lovely and helpful! ❤️"


"Wonderful! Thank you, dear girls, at ELLE. How I (we) have been able to enjoy my pregnancy because of you. You were always there, a listening ear, with your expertise, patience, and love. It was my first pregnancy, and I could experience this as special, partly because of you. From skilled midwives to the always cheerful first point of contact (Eveliene & Britt) and the Extra Care (wonderful massage). Thank you for everything! See you next time, hopefully. Love"

Sophie, Mark & Ollie
We pay maximum attention to the changes in your body and life.