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About ELLE:
We like extra.
Extra of everything.

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We believe Dutch obstetric care has remained the same for far too long. Qualitative, thorough care, but mainly focused on the baby's health. Medical checks with little time for you as an individual, without fuss. Until we opened our doors in Rotterdam Center in 2021.

At ELLE, we do things slightly differently; we like fuss. In addition to the best medical care, we look at you. Who are you? What do you need? There is no standard care pathway. You can be pampered during your pregnancy. And may the appointments with your midwife just be fun. Welcome to ELLE.


ELLE Midwives was founded in 2021 by us: Inge, Tessa, and Liane. Years of experience in midwifery and our own motherhood have resulted in ELLE Midwives. Midwifery care that we are so indescribably proud of!

We noticed that obstetric care had fallen asleep, an established order that grew little with what women, mothers, and parents need today: personal care. A midwife who really knows you. A lovely practice space in which you feel at home. And many extras: good coffee, ultrasounds, small gifts, beautiful products, and pregnancy massages. In other words: the overall picture. Your overall picture.

We started ELLE Midwives in the heart of Rotterdam. From the moment we opened our doors, ELLE turned out to be a hit for many lovely pregnant women and partners. We have now welcomed more than 500 ELLE babies! Therefore we have expanded our ELLE-love. After ELLE Rotterdam Center, we opened a location in Barendrecht and Rhoon. Our newest location is located in Rotterdam Kralingen-Crooswijk. Which practice do you live closest to?

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At ELLE you get a small team of midwives.