Obstetric care

Place a coil
or implant

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If you want a coil, this is possible at ELLE. An IUD can be placed if you have not given birth before or from 12 weeks after giving birth. When you think about a coil, we can provide you more information about the types and advise which one suits you best.

We first carry out a short internal gynecological examination in which the size and location of the uterus are examined. The placement itself is done in no time. Immediately afterward, the ultrasound checks whether the IUD is in the correct position. After 6 weeks, we can perform another control ultrasound to ensure no.


If you are considering an implant as a contraceptive method, we can tell you more about this first. You make an appointment with us for the placement, and we order the implant. We will properly anesthetize the place in your arm beforehand so the placement is done in no time. A follow-up check is not necessary.