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About ELLE
What happens when I register?

From the moment you register with us, the rest actually happens automatically. We schedule a first appointment with you at the location in your care area. The first appointment is an early ultrasound (between 6-8 weeks) and an intake where we ask about your situation and health. We give you a lot of important initial information.

How do I know which location to go to?

You can do the zip code check or simply call us. Then together, we will see what fits best.

Extra Care, what does that actually mean?

You get more obstetric care, treats, and TLC for free. We love to pamper. We like personal. You can also purchase a care package that gives your care a maximum upgrade.

When exactly do we see each other?

We see each other throughout the pregnancy and set up a care path that suits your situation. We also supervise your delivery and, just as importantly, the postpartum period up to 6 weeks after giving birth.

Obstetric care
What should I do if I am concerned about something?

Our golden rule is: a mom (to be) who is concerned should call us! Call your midwife immediately in an emergency, but our assistants are always available for more general situations. We are here for you 24/7.

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What about supplements during pregnancy?

We advise every pregnant woman to take folic acid in the first trimester, preferably before you become pregnant. During pregnancy, we recommend a pregnancy multivitamin. There are significant differences between brands. Ask us for advice! At the beginning of the pregnancy, we will determine several values ​​using a blood test (including iron and vitamin D) and see whether you have any deficiencies that you can supplement.

Who is there during my delivery?

One of your own midwives from your team will supervise the birth. A maternity nurse will also assist.

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How many appointments will I get?

We look at your situation and adjust the care and the number of appointments accordingly. You must know that you can come as often as you need. Especially in the beginning, it is often still exciting: call us, and you will come and listen to the heart of your little one.

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Extra Care
Do I have to pay for Extra Care?

You get Extra Care from us. We believe that current obstetric care in the Netherlands is more and more about medical checkups. Not at ELLE! You will receive the best medical care, but we also consider your needs without a price tag.

About Extra Care

So what are those Extras?

Think of unlimited and extra-long appointments, personal gifts, the latest technology, and fourth-trimester care. All are aimed at 1 big goal: personal care for you as parents-to-be.

About Extra Care

I read something about care packages. What about this?

In addition to our Extra Care, you can purchase a care package. With a care package, you get the most out of your pregnancy. Your health insurer does not reimburse these; you will pay them yourself. With a care package, you get extra ultrasounds, gift boxes, and vouchers you can spend as you wish (from pregnancy massage, sling consultation, and pregnancy photography to baby spa).

About ELLE care packages

I want a care package. How do I arrange this?

Let us know during an appointment, or give our assistants a call. Then we start planning and preparing the first gift box for you.

Can I also only schedule an introduction?

Sure! When choosing your midwife, the most important thing is that you feel good about it. Come by, ask your questions, and get to know us!

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Do you also pay attention to my partner?

At ELLE, we don't just look at mom and baby. You are going to be parents together! We fully involve your partner in our care and can even advise you on a course for only your partner.

Can I schedule an extra ultrasound?

You will receive several ultrasounds during your pregnancy. Depending on your ultrasound wishes (medical or fun ultrasound scans), we look at what is appropriate and can always schedule this for you. Bring a friend or family!

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I have a medical indication. Do you offer shared care?

When your pregnancy is supervised in the hospital, we can participate in obstetrics. We have more time for your personal questions and follow-up. During your maternity week, you will also need a midwife who will take over the care from the hospital as soon as you are allowed to go home. This is where we come in!

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