Obstetric care


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From the moment you call us that the delivery has started, we are at your side. We tailor our care to your wishes. We have already discussed this extensively with each other during the pregnancy. Do you like it when we are constantly present? Would you prefer to be with your partner in the early beginning? Depending on your course and progress, we always consider what is suitable.

At ELLE, we offer different pain relief methods at home and in the hospital. We have birth TENS and Virtual Reality glasses. Whether you are in the hospital, at home, in bed, in the bath, or on a birthing stool, we make it happen together.

When to call
for birth

  • First child: regular contractions for an hour, returning every 3-4 minutes. Each contraction itself lasts 60 seconds.

  • Second/next child: regular contractions for an hour, every 4-5 minutes, lasting 50-60 seconds.

  • Waters breaking: if your waters break during the night, the amniotic fluid is clear, and you have no contractions yet, you can call us in the morning. Try to rest as much as possible and note the time when your waters broke. Normal amniotic fluid is clear or pale pink, sometimes with white flakes. Amniotic fluid smells sweet.

  • When in doubt or in need of consultation.

Call directly
  • In case of contractions or waters breaking before 37 weeks.

  • In case of ample, bright red blood loss or clots. Light (slimy) bleeding is normal during birth.

  • When your waters break, and the baby's head has not yet descended. Then you also lie horizontally.

  • When the amniotic fluid is yellow/brown/green.

  • When you feel the baby moving less.

You should feel safe and heard during your delivery.