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From positive test to postpartum.

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You are pregnant. Congratulations! And now what? Where to start? Don't worry. We've explained it to you step by step and week by week. Baby steps ;)

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Start folate

Folate supports the development of your child from the first early development. It is best to start with this during the active wish to have children.



Fertilization takes place around this time. Did you know that the gender has already been determined?


Positive pregnancy test

You are pregnant. Congratulations! You do not have to go to the doctor. You register yourself directly at the midwifery practice that you feel comfortable with. Of course, you can also call us for any question. We understand that this is such an exciting period!

Register with us


Early ultrasound scan

The first exciting ultrasound of your mini. A welcome gift from us! We check whether the pregnancy is going well and whether we see one or more children.


Start pregnancy checks (intake)

Our first extensive introduction! We discuss your situation, health and we provide a lot of information. We imagine you have many questions, so we book plenty of time.

Your pregnancy checks will start from now on. The checks are every 4 and then 3 weeks in the first and second trimesters. After this, we will see you every 2 weeks and even every week at the end of your pregnancy!

We always measure your blood pressure, monitor the growth of your belly and listen to the baby's heartbeat. We always provide information and answer all your questions.

Talk prenatal screening

If you want, we can advise you on prenatal screening. This concerns the NIPT, 13- and 20-week ultrasound.

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Dating scan

We determine your exact due date! We measure your mini from crown to buttocks for this. We already show a nice side view!

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Blood tests and NIPT

At the beginning of the pregnancy, we want to determine your blood values to exclude conditions that could pose a risk to your baby.

Another test you could opt for is the NIPT: an examination of your baby's health at the chromosomal level, which is possible from 10-11 weeks.

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Listening to heart

From this week, we can hear the heart of your mini with the doptone! We do this every check, but you can come here as often as you like.

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13 week anomaly scan

This is a medical examination that looks for any physical abnormalities. Of course, this is not a mandatory ultrasound.

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Register maternity care

If you still need to do it, now is the time to register for maternity care! The maternity assistant will take care of you during the first week. She monitors your family, your recovery as a maternity woman, and your child's development.

We can give you tips about great maternity care organizations.


Gender baby scan

Can't wait to find out the gender of your baby? Book your Gender baby scan. We make the ultrasound scan between 15-16 weeks. You will receive a gender gift!

Book ultrasound scan


Acknowledgement of your child

Suppose you are not married or have a registered partnership. In that case, it is possible to register the acknowledgement of your child with the municipality during your pregnancy.

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20 week anomaly scan

Like the 13-week anomaly scan, we look at your mini in detail. The 20-week ultrasound scan is also a medical ultrasound scan. Because your baby is already much bigger, we can now see more.

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Your baby's first movements!

During this period, you will feel your baby's first movements. It starts as a bubbly feeling. Soon it will be kicks and somersaults that cannot be missed!


Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Vaccination

You can get the whooping cough (Pertussis) vaccination from this week (until 2 weeks before your delivery). Because your body will produce antibodies, you pass them on to your child, and he/she is protected from birth.

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Pregnancy course

Do you want to take a course? Then this is the time to start. From hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga to push prep. Ask us for tips!

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Discuss birth wishes

You have already received an online course about birth from us. Do you want to give birth at home? In the hospital? Together we discuss your wishes.


Breast and bottle feeding course

You will receive a course on breast and bottle feeding from us. This may help you make a choice and provides a lot of information.

Check course


Determine iron levels

We often see that your iron levels drop during pregnancy. At 30 weeks, we recheck your levels so that you can start with a supplement if needed.


Growth ultrasound scan

This is not a standard ultrasound scan. There are specific indications for a growth ultrasound scan. If this applies to you, we will discuss this with you in detail.


Maternity leave?!

From now on, your maternity leave can start. It's time to take a big step back. Ask only a little of yourself, listen to your body, take naps during the day, and alternate this with exercise. This is a great time to focus 100% on your baby's arrival.


Presentation scan

At the end of the pregnancy, we check whether the baby is positioned head-down. We do this by using an ultrasound scan.


Call instructions for birth + weekly check-up

We will discuss in detail how the delivery can start, how you can recognize contractions and water breaking, and when you should call us (you can always call!).

From now on, you have an appointment with us every week. We carefully monitor you and your baby!

When you give birth at home, you can make some preparations and otherwise prepare your hospital bag.


You give birth with us!

From 37 weeks, your mini is completely finished, and he/she can be born. Keep in mind that it often takes a while.


Postpartum course

You have received our postpartum course. Haven't you gotten to it yet? This is the perfect time to prepare, especially for the period after birth: the start of your new life as parents. Make the postpartum plan together so that you know exactly what you expect from each other.


Due date

The day you've been looking forward to for so long. Is this a contraction you feel or just a cramp? You may lose your mucus plug around this time and have (considerable) contractions. Exciting!

Did you know that most women (70%) give birth after their due date? What we call 'overdue' is actually not correct at all!

If you have a contraction that lasts about a second every 4-5 minutes for an hour, there is a good chance that your labor has really started.


At week 41, most women have given birth, about 85%.

  • Extra checks (measuring amniotic fluid, ECG)

  • Possibility to sweep membranes (also called stripping the membranes or membrane stripping)

  • Possibility to induce labor (in the hospital)

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Induce labor

During induction, labor is artificially induced. This is done with drugs that stimulate contractions. Induction always takes place in the hospital.


Labor begins

So exciting! From the moment your contractions are regular, we will come to you. We are there at home or in the hospital, just as you wish!

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Your mini is here!!!

Shit just got real. The first maternity days are often very intense. You have become parents, feel your first worries (is everything going well?), and are fully recovering. Don't worry. We've got your back. We come to visit, and you call us when you have concerns. Yes, also at night!


Check at home + heel prick (if preferred)

What will we do during the maternity week? We discuss the birth in detail, check your little one, and check the mom. We especially look at you as a family.

On this day, if desired, we also do the heel prick: a small blood test to check your baby for congenital (metabolic) disorders.

This test is known as the heel prick (hielprik) or newborn blood spot screening.

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Check at home

The end of your first maternity week, when maternity care ends. We will discuss what you can expect in the coming week because we will revisit you in 1-2 weeks! This is not standard, this is ELLE!


Check at home

We discuss how the past week went without maternity care. What are you facing? How is feeding the baby going for you? How is your recovery? We can also discuss birth control.



Believe it or not, this is where our journey ends. We discuss your recovery one last time, check your abs, and can determine your iron levels again.

Please don't be a stranger. Come by and show off your baby when you're around.

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