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ELLE Midwives
Vissersdijk 219
3011 GW Rotterdam

Phone: 010 2004 710

Telephone consultation hours | Assistant
Do you want to make an appointment or reschedule? Do you have a question without urgency? Do you want to hear the baby's heartbeat without appointment? Call our assistant: Monday to Friday 08:30 - 10:30.
010 2004 710

Did you miss the assistant? You can always send an email to:

Midwife | contact
Do you have an urgent question? Has your labor started? Do you have complaints or are you worried? Monday to Sunday, 24/7, we are always there for you. Call the midwife:
010 2004 710

Only in the event of a technical failure you can call the number:
06 2063 0722

We are located in De Witte Keizer Health Center on the first floor, we can be reached by stairs and elevator. You can park on the street or in the parking garage of the Markthal.

When to callus immediately


  • Blood loss
  • Abdominal pain, hard stomachs/cramps with regularity
  • After a fall/punch on your stomach
  • Feeling less child movements from 26 weeks
  • Headache, starring, nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain upper, pain between shoulder blades
  • Contractions or amniotic fluid loss before 37 weeks of pregnancy

Child birth

you call us when you think the delivery has started. Doubting is not a problem, you can always call for consultation and advice.

  • Regular contractions every 3-5 minutes for an hour
  • Broken membranes

Other urgens matter

  • In case of contractions or loss of amniotic fluid before 37 weeks
  • With large, bright red blood loss or clots
  • When your waters break and the head has not yet descended
  • When the amniotic fluid is yellow/green/brown. Amniotic fluid is normally clear in color / light pink sometimes with white flakes. Amniotic fluid smells sweet.

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