During pregnancy we provide step-by-step the information you need at that moment. So you don't have to think about anything, we look ahead and make a tight schedule. We have specially developed online courses for the 'big themes'. All ELLE pregnant women receive exclusive access to these courses.


The Birth prep –
birth course

How does a delivery progress? What can you do to prepare? Where can you give birth? What types of pain relief are available? We discuss A to Z during this course.

Education 2

The Milk Prep –
breast and bottle-feeding course

Are you unsure whether you want to breastfeed or bottle-feed? What are advantages and disadvantages? Do you need to buy anything? Which formula do you choose? During this course you will discover what suits you best and what you need.


The New Mom Prep –
postpartum course

At ELLE we don't just think attention to pregnancy and childbirth is important, the period after childbirth (the postpartum) also deserves 100% of your attention. What happens to your body after childbirth? What do you need to recover? What are pitfalls? We give you tips for optimal recovery, nutrition, bonding with your baby and building a new routine. As we draw up a birth-plan during your pregnancy, we also offer postpartum-plan in this course. You can opt for this course if you have purchased an Extra Care package, or follow it for a fee if you don’t have a healthcare package.


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