Prenatal screening

In the Netherlands it is possible to have the health of your baby examined during pregnancy. This is called prenatal screening. It is important to consider in advance whether you want to receive information about. If not, just let us know. If you do want to know more about these tests on your unborn child, try to think about what it will mean for you if an abnormality is found.

There are two different examinations regarding prenatal screening:


Screening for Down, Edwards and Patau syndrome, using the NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing)

Anomaly scan

Screening for physical abnormalities by means of the 13-week ultrasound and/or 20-week ultrasound, also known as the structural ultrasound examination (anomaly scan).

During the first check-up we will therefore ask you if you want information on prenatal screening to begin with. If information is required, we will schedule a separate appointment for counseling. We will guide you in making the choice that suits you.

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