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As midwives, we often recommend additional products such as nutritional supplements (folic acid, prenatal multivitamin, cranberry), skincare and aids such as a birthing bath or breast pump. You don’t need to go out and search for these things by yourself, ELLE is therefore a one-stop shop: we have everything you need. All our products are selected based on obstetric expertise and of premium quality.

In addition to individual products, we have also put together (gift) boxes that offer you extra support from start to finish. These products/life-savers are of course the best out there: we've got you covered! When you’ve purchased a ELLE Care-package, gift boxes are included, but they are also available separately. Nice to give and especially to give to yourself.

Our products are available from our practice, exclusively for ELLE clients. Good to know: we offer as many local, vegan products as possible with clean labelling.

In addition to individual products,we have also put together boxesthat offer you extra supportfrom start to finish.

Bumb box

The Bump XL

Pregnancy essentials

Beeb box

The Postpartum Recovery Kit

Maternity period essentials

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