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To us, it is pure logic that you’ll be guided by midwives who really know you. At ELLE Midwives we therefore consciously work with a small team for your obstetric care and a large team of healthcare professionals for our ELLE Extra Care.

Small Team

ELLE Midwives consists of a close-knit team: Inge, Liane and Tessa. We all three have our own expertise and therefore a total package to offer to you. You will see the three of us equally during pregnancy so we can build on a true relationship.



Midwife + pregnancy masseuse

You’ll get to know Tessa during consultations, home visits and possibly during your delivery. Tessa is not only your midwife, but you can also book a relaxing pregnancy massage with her. Not just in case of stress or tension, also simply because you are pregnant and you can!



Midwife + ultrasonographer

Liane also guides you in everything that has to do with midwifery care. In addition, Liane places UIS/UID’s (coil) and makes your ultrasounds. Fun ultrasound scan is one of Liane's personal favorites; to make expectant parents happy with beautiful images of their baby!



Midwife + ultrasonographer

Inge is our Chief ELLE Midwife. She has been a midwife and sonographer for no less than 22 years! Inge will guide you through all midwifery care and also performs your medical ultrasounds.

Large Team

We have the best healthcare professionals in our team who all have their own expertise in birth care. Together we ensure that you and your partner can experience the pregnancy to the fullest and that you are well prepared. On everything. At ELLE Midwives we believe in the full package.

So if it's up to us, we hope you don’t stick to our obstetric care. We know that pregnant women often rely on multiple healthcare professionals for extra support. And they are right! This can be about medical care also about mind & soul. At ELLE you don’t have to search or doubt whether the care you picked is ok and safe. We have gathered Rotterdam's finest; we know they are the absolute best in their field.

José 9 U5 A0848

José van der Meulen

Karin 9 U5 A1004

Karin Abutan

Pelvic physiotherapy
Annick EURL3823

Annick van de Walle

Priscilla Tasche dietist

Priscilla Tasche

Pregnancy & nutrition
Esther EURL3601

Esther Wevers

Pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing
Rosa 9 U5 A0966

Rosa Opstelten

Pregnancy & sports
Romano Haynes ELLE

Romano Haynes

Julia EURL3973

Julia van der Molen

Pregnancy photography
Eva EURL3899

Eva Zantman

Birth coaching
Roeline 9 U5 A0942

Roeline den Ouden

Lactation consultancy
Milou EURL3742

Milou van Luijck

Baby wearing consultancy
Marissa EURL3750

Marissa Paulsen

Babymassage, baby-yoga & pregnancy yoga
Shiva EURL4049

Shiva Wind

Postpartum care
Rachel 9 U5 A1071

Rachel Vaarnold


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