We believe there is something missing in our current Dutch obstetric healthcare system. As midwives and mothers, we’ve noticed that birth care in the Netherlands is increasingly being reduced to mainly medical check-ups. This is not how we roll at ELLE Midwives. We believe that we, as midwives, should be your go-to person. Not only for body and baby, also for mind & soul.

That is why we have expanded the Dutch basic obstetric care. We provide a total package of birth care for every woman, partner and baby. A pregnant woman should not have to go looking for this herself. Or wonder whether the healthcare of choice is safe.

Birth care does not stop at our own obstetric boundaries. Therefore we have gone straight through all boundaries.

We don’t do basic. We do extra.

What exactly does this 'extra of everything' mean?

  • Welcome gift

    Early ultrasound around 6-8 weeks of pregnancy.

  • ELLE Extra Care

    Free extended appointments, treats, consultations at home, online courses, an app and fourth trimester care.

  • ELLE Packages

    Everything you need as a modern mom (to be). More obstetric care, many ultrasounds, gift boxes and vouchers to spend on extra care of your choice.

  • Small team

    We work with a close team of midwives, so we can really get to know each other.

  • Large team

    Many other healthcare professionals who are simply the best. From physiotherapist, acupuncturist, baby wellness to photographer.

  • Echo Centre

    We are also an ultrasound centre: ELLE Echo. We offer medical ultrasounds and we make fun ultrasounds in 2/3/4-D.

  • Fourth trimester care

    Intensive obstetric care is often terminated after the first maternity week. Not at ELLE Midwives; we continue to take care of you, especially in those first exciting weeks.

  • App

    We have developed an ELLE app, quite useful during your pregnancy and postpartum. Including a personal pregnancy calendar, ELLE community and contraction timer.

  • Shop

    Based on midwifery know-how, we offer rock-solid quality brands that complement your pregnancy and maternity period. We also have (gift) boxes for pregnancy and maternity period.


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