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At ELLE Midwives we believe in the bigger picture. If it's up to us, it doesn't just stay with our obstetric care. We know that pregnant women often look into multiple healthcare professionals for extra support. This can be about medical care but of course also about deepening mind & soul. With us you don’t have to search or doubt whether your care of choice is trustworthy and safe.

We have gathered a super team around who are the absolute best in their field of work. When you have purchased a care package, you can spend the vouchers on their services. Of course, our team is just as happy to assist you if you do not have a care package.


Our healthcare partners


Acupuncture has a healing and a powerful supportive effect, especially during pregnancy. Our acupuncturist is specialized in treating complaints during ánd after pregnancy. She can help you with nausea, extreme fatigue, tension and/or stress. You can also be treated in case of a breech presentation or when your period is overdue. Is needle pricking scary for you? You hardly feel any of this!


Osteopathy is a manual healing method, which means that your body is examined and treated by working with hands. Our osteopath can treat both your complaints and those of your baby. Think of pain in the lower back, tailbone, pelvis or lower abdominal pain. Your baby can be treated for complaints of excessive crying, reflux, intestinal cramps or having a preferred position. By looking at the entire body (bones, muscles, organs), the cause of the complaint is treated to the core.

Pelvic physiotherapy

Many women experience pelvic (bottom) complaints during pregnancy and after childbirth. This makes sense because the steady balance of your body is suddenly pulled out of alignment. We can't make it more beautiful: as your pregnancy progresses, the complaints often do not become milder. We therefore recommend to not hesitate too long when experiencing pain. Think of low back pain, pain in your tailbone, groin or around the pubic bone, but also incontinence complaints. Our pelvic physiotherapist looks at your posture and pelvis and makes a personal plan for the pregnancy and/or the period after delivery. An investment in yourself!

Birth coaching

Due to the sudden changes in your life it’s is common that you need extra mental support during pregnancy. For example, when you have high levels of tension/fear regarding to the delivery. Our birth coach can also help you after a traumatic birth or loss. Every woman is unique and has her own story; that is really heard by our birth coach. Together you explore the issues and draw up a plan.

Pregnancy massage

During pregnancy, your body and state of mind change. There is often (unconsciously) tension in your body. When you opt for a pregnancy massage, you step out of the hustle of the day. Attention is paid to pain points in the back and pelvis. You don't have to do anything, except relax. You have the choice of a massage in the side position or in the prone position, for this we use special pillows. On top of it, your skin is pampered with beautiful products.

Pregnancy yoga - Live in Studio

Our Rotterdam master yogi specializes in everything that has to do with (calm) movements, pregnancy and baby. Movement is an essential, especially during your pregnancy. Even if you have never done a yoga step before, you can just as easy sign up. During the mild exercises you will receive practical information about the pregnancy, delivery and the period after. These yoga classes are down to earth in a beautiful Rotterdam studio. You can start from 14 weeks of pregnancy; we advice to follow classes for at least 3 months so that you have completed all modules.

Pregnant & Sports

We cannot emphasize enough how good exercise during pregnancy is for body, mind and baby. Even if you weren’t profoundly active before the pregnancy, now is a good time to start. It is important that the physical activity matches the pregnancy and takes the changes to your body into account. At ELLE we are fan of a unique concept: a gym for women only with workouts in a pleasant hot cabin, adapted to the pregnancy. You receive a total package: personal guidance, group lessons and nutritional advice. After childbirth these workouts are great for recovery, and also for pelvic complaints or a diastasis. Unique: your baby can come along!

Pregnancy & nutrition

Advice on healthy nutrition during pregnancy can be found everywhere, but what is right for you? We can help you with guidance regarding a healthy diet, pregnancy sickness, gestational diabetes, constipation, but also candida, vitamin deficiencies and a vegetarian or vegan diet. Also after pregnancy a nutritionist can help you with recovery and a healthy weight.

New Mom Prep – postpartum course

At ELLE we’re not only pay attention to pregnancy and delivery, the period after delivery (the postpartum) also deserves a 100% of your attention. The birth of your baby is the beginning of a new life: there is also a mother (and father!) born as well. What happens to your body after childbirth? What do you need? What are pitfalls? In this course we tell you all about what to except, advice you on optimal recovery, nutrition, bonding with your baby and building a new routine. As we also draw up a birth plan during your pregnancy, we will make a postpartum plan during this course. With this online postpartum course we offer you the best prepped start possible.

Partner / father session

As midwives, we can't avoid that the vast majority of our attention is focused on the mom (to be) and baby. Not fair of course, because a pregnancy/baby is an equally big event for the other expectant parent! During this course, a father from Rotterdam provides practical information about pregnancy, delivery and the maternity period. He makes you think: what do you need as a parent-to-be? What can you do during the delivery? After this course we also provide a wonderful informative book with practical insights and tips from the non-pregnant partner's perspective.

Lactation consultant

We educate every ELLE-client on bottle and breastfeeding. If you want to learn more about this during your pregnancy, you can contact our lactation consultant. During a consultation she tells you about the do's and don'ts and gives you practical tools so you are well prepared. You can also contact her after the delivery if breastfeeding is not going smoothly and you need some guidance.

Baby-wearing consultation

What could be better than being able to move freely with your baby close to you? Your baby feels protected by your warmth, smell and heartbeat and you are back in business. There are many different ways to carry your baby; which one suits you best? How do you carry your child safely and how do you protect your back? During an appointment with our baby-wearing consultant, you can try out different wraps and carriers (from woven fabric to Artipoppe) and you will be carrier-proof afterwards.

Pregnancy photography

Our professional photographer and filmmaker captures your pregnancy in a pure and no-nonsense manner. You can have your shoot with or without partner and/or children, whatever you prefer. For authentic photos, it is important that you are in an environment you feel comfortable in, such as your home. Of course, every location is negotiable so you will be portrayed at your bumpy-best.

Online baby massage and baby yoga course

In the first weeks after delivery, going out with your newborn can be a true undertaking. With this online course, our yoga expert offers the opportunity to bond with your baby from the comfort of your own home. You learn how your baby moves and communicates. Together you explore what he/she likes. By taking time for this, you step out of the hustle of feeding, sleeping and caring: 100% quality time. In addition to the educated massage techniques, you will also learn to perform baby yoga exercises. Your baby is wonderfully relaxed after this ánd it promotes digestion so that cramps and crying are less. Happy baby happy parents.

Baby spa

From 2 weeks after birth, your baby can receive a treatment at Puur Babyspa & Wellness. With hydrotherapy (floating) he/she is completely free of gravity, which stimulates mental and physical development. And most importantly: your child can kick around and relax in the warm water. Afterwards, your child can receive a Shantala massage for ultimate baby relaxation. Altogether this is a firm bonding experience for your family.

Postpartum treatments

During your maternity week, our postpartum doula is ready to take over; she comes to your home to take care of you. You can choose from different treatments: such as a postpartum massage, steam bath, bengkung belly binding and special empowering maternity meals! We think a postpartum treatment is a must for every new mom!

We are modern mothers’midwives. Let us take care ofyou and your baby.

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