Obstetric care


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In addition to being a midwifery practice, we are also an ultrasound center. We make all ultrasound scans ourselves, so you do not have to go to another ultrasound location. We don't just perform medical ultrasounds. You can also contact us for a fun ultrasound scans! Can't wait to find out the gender of your baby? Or do you want a baby sneak peek with beautiful 3D/4D images? You can always book this with us, even if you are not an ELLE client.

You will receive several ultrasound scans during the pregnancy to see if your baby is developing as we may expect. Ultrasound scans are, of course, not mandatory. If you need more ultrasound moments, that is, of course, always possible.

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Types of

6-8 weeks

Viability scan: first early pregnancy scan (gift from us)

10-12 weeks

Dating scan: ultrasound to determine your reliable due date

13 weeks

Anomaly scan: screening for physical abnormalities

20 weeks

Anomaly scan: screening for physical abnormalities

35-36 weeks

Presentation scan: ultrasound to confirm your baby's position

Nothing more fun than watching your baby on screen.