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Elle Echo:
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We are also an ultrasound center

ELLE is also an ultrasound center. Our ultrasound machine is a Rolls Royce: we can capture the highest quality images of your baby, still or moving and in color.

Do you want a sneak peek of your baby? ELLE Echo is for everyone. You don't have to be an ELLE client for this. Call us for an appointment or send an email.

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Types of fun ultrasounds
Gender baby scan

From 15 weeks, we can see if you're having a boy or a girl. Some fun ultrasound agencies offer this earlier, but we know from experience that there is a good chance that the gender will not be able to be appropriately determined. At ELLE, you will receive a gender reveal gift.

2D baby scan

These are the 'flat' black and white scans where we show your baby from the side view. Between 16 and 24 weeks, we can get a complete picture of your mini. After 24 weeks, we zoom in on details such as the face and the hands/feet.

3D baby scan

We make the most beautiful three- and four-dimensional depth scans of your baby. Both still and moving images. We take the time to look at your baby in detail. The best period is between 25 and 30 weeks. You see your baby in real-time. Sleeping, playing, sucking: cuteness guaranteed.

We make all
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2D baby scan



Gender baby scan + gift



Ultrasound + USB



ELLE photo book




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From when can gender be determined appropriately?

From 15-16 weeks, we can (usually) see the gender very well! There are ultrasound agencies that offer gender determination from 13 weeks. We know from experience that it is often impossible to say with certainty, and you still walk out the door with doubts.

Will I receive the scans digitally or in print?

We can put the scans on an USB stick, and you will receive multiple prints to take home. Of course, you can also make unlimited film recordings yourself while making the ultrasound.

How many people can I bring to the appointment?

You can decide that yourself. Our echo chambers are certainly spacious enough for several people. We always enjoy it when friends, sisters/brothers, grandfathers/grandmothers come along!

What happens if my baby is not in the proper position?

Then you can, of course, come back for a free resit.

Can I also make an appointment if I am not an ELLE client?

Of course! It's very easy: you call one of our dear assistants or send a message via the website. Then we will book you in!

Photos and videos of your baby during your pregnancy? Priceless.