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In addition to being a midwifery practice, we are also an ultrasound center: ELLE Echo (Ultrasound). We perform medical ultrasounds and everyone is welcome for fun-scans. Our ultrasound machine is like a Rolls Royce: we can capture the highest quality images of your baby, still, moving and in colour.

We make allkinds ofultrasounds

Gender determination

From 15 weeks we can determine whether you are having a boy or girl. Exciting! Some fun-ultrasound agencies offer this scan earlier in pregnancy: from experience we’ve learned with an early gender determination we cannot always be a 100% certain, but from 15 weeks we sure can! At ELLE you receive a gender reveal gift. You can open this on the spot or take it home with you, for a blue/pink surprise at home.

2D ultrasound

These are the 'flat' black-and-white images where we can show your baby from side view. Between 16 and 24 weeks we can get a full picture of the baby, after 24 weeks we zoom in on details such as the face and the hands/feet.

3D ultrasound

Between 25 and 30 weeks of pregnancy we make the most beautiful three-dimensional depth images of your baby. 3D ultrasound involves still images. What does your baby look like? Do you see resemblance? We take the time to look at your baby’s details.

4D ultrasound

Here we also make three-dimensional images, but then we show you moving images. In real time you can see your baby doing his/her baby thing! Sometimes your baby is sleeping, playing or sucking on his/her tiny hand. Guaranteed a high factor of cuteness.





2D ultrasound

20 min

2D/3D/4D gender determination + gift (from 15 weeks)

20 min

3D/4D ultrasound + USB stick 16 GB (25-30 weeks)

40 min

ELLE ultrasound photobook


ELLE USB stick 16 GB


Good to know

Do you want to have a sneal peak of your baby? ELLE Ultrasound Center is for everyone, so you don’t have to be an ELLE client.
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  • Multiple photo prints + all images digitally

  • Gender-reveal gift

  • ELLE USB stick 16G

  • ELLE ultrasound photo booklet

  • 2 extra people can be present

  • Free retrial with difficult framing

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