Birthing center
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The birthing center is an alternative to an outpatient birth. In that case, there is no medical reason to give birth in the hospital. We will guide you there during labor. There is a hospital close by. You give birth in a birthing center in a homely environment. Birthing centers can differ in their range of pain relief aids, such as a large birthing bath, massage, or nitrous oxide.

Birthing center features:

  • The atmosphere is as homely as possible, but most like a hotel.
  • In a birth center, you can express your own wishes, for example, through music. Ask your midwife about the options, or look at the birth center in advance.
  • Depending on the birth center, there is a broader range of options for pain relief, such as a large bath or laughing gas.
  • Depending on the birth center, you can sometimes stay longer after giving birth and receive maternity care at the birth center.

Some costs are not reimbursed by all health insurers. Check this with your insurer. If help from the gynecologist is necessary, you will still be taken to the hospital.

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